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Poker Strategies

Playing poker online and in the real world are similar but with a few big differences.  That of tells, the speed of the game and the ability online to multi-table. 

Beginner Strategy - Poker Strategy Card

The biggest mistake most beginners make is to play too many hands.  The fastest way to learn which hands to play is by using a poker strategy card for Texas Hold em.  The poker strategy card tells you which hands to play and when to play them. by playing the correct starting hands you can turn your play from losing money to winning.

Intermediate Strategy - Experience and Reading

Intermediate players should read all the poker books they can get their hands on or at least a few key books.  Doyle Brunson's Super system II is a great place to start especially the areas on internet poker and any updates to Texas hold em.  The Texas Hold em section in his first book is also a necessity. 

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Online Poker Tells

The biggest online poker tell is bet size.  If a player is varying the size of their bets often it is a reflection of the strength of their hands. The second online poker tell is the time that a player takes to make a move.  Variances in time are a great clue as to the strength of their hand.

Advanced Strategy - Small Ball Poker

Small Ball Poker - Developed by Daniel Negreanu is a great strategy for advanced players.  Small Ball players play a lot of hands looking for good trapping and stealing pots.  The loose style of play while watching bet size is the most economical way to manage your chip stack while trying to maximize your wins.  Small ball poker is very effective in cash games.


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